Friday, August 11, 2006

World of Terror

I wonder if this will ever end. At the moment, I have great doubts. Terror begets terror.

Technology, the Internet, science - all this is literally at the fingertips of those who are warped in their minds. They think they are fighting for the greater good, whatever that may be. But all they do is create fear, and wreak havoc on society.

Perhaps that is what they want to achieve. To make us all afraid; to change our way of life; to do away with the peace of mind that most of us have. If that is their objective, I am afraid that they have already succeeded.

No more liquids on airplanes. Parents have to do taste tests on their children’s food before they are allowed on planes. Yeah, I think they have succeeded.

Will it ever end? Maybe. But it will take a wake-up call of unprecedented nature like a huge catastrophe of massive proportions. Or divine intervention.

That’s how optimistic I am.

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