Thursday, July 25, 2013

Looking back

I am looking through the pictures of my medical school classmates in our old university directory, preparing a slideshow that will be screened during our coming 25th year reunion (!!!), and I wonder at some of these familiar faces - some are/have been heads of departments in hospitals, most have families, many are GP's with established practices in Singapore.

I remember some of them as awkward teens, having attended the same junior colleges as several of them.  They were uncomfortable with the opposite sex, umm-ing & aw-ing when trying to have a conversation.

I remember some as the "bad boys" of the class, smoking, having "adventurous exploits" with the opposite gender.

I wonder what they are like now, as I have lost touch with most of them over the years.  It's hard to picture them as Heads of Departments or Senior Consultants or to address them as Prof.  In my mind, they are the same old classmates whose photographs look back at me from the directory.

A couple have passed on & when I see those old pictures of them in the prime of their lives, I wonder what the me of today would say to the them of yesterday if I could speak to them.   Would I tell them to enjoy life to the fullest & appreciate their loved ones while they can?

A few have gotten into trouble with the law & with the medical council.  What would I tell the young them?

What I DO know is that for me, there have been no regrets.  And I couldn't have asked for a better life.