Monday, April 13, 2009

Impressions from China - Spring Awakening

When I left Beijing for a trip to Singapore two weeks ago, there were snow flurries, the trees were mostly bare, & buds & shoots were just peeking out from their winter hibernation.

Now, two weeks later, there are greens & pinks & yellows & whites & reds all over. Bulbs are sprouting from the groud & temperatures are warm enough for shorts & sandals!

Unfortunately, despite Spring's renewal, there still sits a haze of smog. The Earth renews itself every year. But I wonder what damage we inflict on her with the pollution that spouts into the air every day.

Star Sighting

Guess who I walked past in the transit lounge of Changi Airport Terminal 3?

David Archuleta, runner up of last year's American Idol. Didn't recognize him at first until I heard him laugh the bashful way that he does.

He was smaller & shorter than I expected - probably why I didn't recognize him immediately. He was walking with an airport staff (maybe he is an unaccompanied minor???) in the opposite direction that I was going. When I heard his laugh, I turned around then saw some salesgirls gawking at him & muttering "American Idol...."

If he was David Cook, I would have run after him immediately!


Saturday, April 04, 2009


I'm sweatin' like a hog here in Singapore....every move I can feel the droplets of sweat forming.