Friday, August 30, 2013


It used to be that in the diaries of my teenage self, I would write about my life daily.  No matter how seemingly mundane, I would faithfully jot it down in my journal.  Most of the time it was about the TV shows or movies that I had watched or outings I had gone on.  Embarrassingly it was also full of gushing descriptions about my current heart throbs at the time.

My recent writing has drifted from that about daily life, to that about issues I have been passionate about.  I recently read a blog post by a favorite performer of mine here.  This entry is very matter of fact but has inspired me to write more about the happenings surrounding my life.  I read my 30+ year old writings & it brings back memories of my younger self.  I want to be able to write down my musings & impressions of my current self, so that if I'm fortunate enough to be still around in 30 years time, (& provided that I still possess my faculties) it will be something I can read and look back upon....hopefully fondly.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We've recently become property owners again, having bought a condo in Beantown.  W attends college there & with the high rentals we figured we would use the opportunity to invest in something Stateside before the property prices take off.  As it was, the market was already in a frenzy in many of the larger cities in the US with bidding wars & property selling for higher than asking prices.

Anyway, we looked, we found & we did.  We finally have a Home.  It's strange how owning something we can call our own makes me feel good.  We have been "homeless" for several years now, having sold our previous property in Singapore when we decided that we would probably not go back there again.  And here in HK, with the property prices one of the highest in the world, it is impossible to even dream of owning even a small apartment (not that I would want to make this our permanent home anyway).

Both our boys are happy that there is, at least, somewhere, they can call Home.  Small as it is, it's a place we can direct our mail to without having to impose on the convenience of a relative.   It's somewhere where, when filling out forms, I can write down a permanent address and home phone number without thinking twice.

It feels good.