Thursday, August 03, 2017


I watch a video taken almost exactly 21 years ago, of the 80th birthday celebration of my maternal grandmother.  It brings smiles when I see everyone look so young, when my boys were still in pre-school in the US, and we made trips to visit our extended family in Singapore.  I see the rest of my extended family - grand-uncles, grand-aunties, uncles, aunties, cousins....all converging from different parts of the world to celebrate a grand occasion.

I miss those days when life was a bit simpler.  The generation before mine seemed to be better at keeping in touch.  I guess being an international family doesn't help with family reunions.  Between Then and Now, relocations, and family dysfunctions have caused us all to scatter in the different hemispheres of the world - North, South, East, West; and to lose the connection that once was so close.

Family & work commitments does not make it easy to congregate.  Occasions like Chinese New Year, or Christmas, traditionally times when families come together have been relegated FaceTime meetings over the internet.  Planning for special birthdays now have to start months, or even a year ahead of time, in order to accommodate travel arrangements, school semesters, and leave from work.

We are a third culture family - children of immigrants who have become immigrants themselves and who have borne children who have grown up with unique life experiences.  Do I wish that we had had a more "traditional" life? Sometimes I do....especially during festive seasons.  Do I regret our life?  No way.  We took the path less traveled....and what a journey it has been

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Birthday Musings

I spent my birthday in the Pacific NW of the USA, one of the most beautiful parts of this country, IMHO.  I am alone yet not alone....with technology, I stay connected with my global family and friends, whether it's through Facebook or Facetime or Whatsapp or Messenger.  Birthday greetings sent my way from halfway across the country and across the world warms my heart.  :)

These days, it's so easy to feel despondent over the politicking that is happening in DC.  Watching the news and various commentary shows has become like watching a car crash's awful and yet I can't look away.  This psychologically flawed President and his followers fill me with despair at the policies they want to implement and by their actions of trying to take away safeguards against damaging our environment, and against internet privacy, and making healthcare even more expensive and less affordable to those who can least afford it.  However, I have to hope that the laws and constitution of this great country will hold up against these crazy times and that there are enough honorable politicians left in the Capitol who will fight against these senseless attempts at regressing the USA.  He says Make America Great Again....but his policies, if passed, will make America Less.

Some of his supporters make fun of Liberals, calling them "libtards", or "snowflakes".  Well, if caring for the environment, and human rights and being sensitive to how others feel is part of what defines a liberal, then I proudly call myself one.

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The World I Thought I Knew

So where to start?  It's been such a rough year with the US presidential elections.  The unbelievable happened.  The orange thin-skinned narcissistic braggart is now the President of the USA.

Tweeting, the inability to take criticism, the need to be "better", "bigger", the continuing antagonism towards the press, the very poorly executed travel ban, building the wall, repealing the ACA.....all this and it's only Day 12 of his presidency!

Everyday, I see news feeds on Facebook of news articles from various sources mostly criticising his actions (but I suspect my group of Facebook friends are mostly left-leaning).  What shocks me most is that I still see Trump supporters continuing to support his incompetent actions.  Blind faith!  Like he is God!  Sigh.

The people around him are scary fellows - Bannon & Flynn especially, the former reputed to be a white supremacist, the latter a conspiracy theorist - both not terribly reassuring qualities.

I fear for the America that I thought I knew and love.  I hope that lawyers will find something in the constitution and laws strong enough to impeach him.