Thursday, August 24, 2006

Survivor 13

The upcoming season of Survivor: Cook Islands will see an added twist, when the teams are split up according to race.

This should be very interesting to watch; race is a sensitive issue in the USA (& here as well) & many people like to tiptoe around it & pretend that it doesn't matter. It shouldn't matter, but in reality, the color of our skin is the first thing that is seen & often dictates how we are perceived (& sometimes, how we are treated).

It will be very telling to see how this will play out in Survivor. It will either highlight glaring differences, or show that underneath all that pigment, we all belong to the human race. I hope it's the latter.

"...and it washed over me for the first time in my life just how much importance the world had ascribed to skin pigment, how lately it seemed that skin pigment was the sun and everything else in the universe was the orbiting planets...
...It seemed to me it would have been better if God had deleted skin pigment altogether."

Excerpt from "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd

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John Riemann Soong said...

Sometimes I think it would be better if I dyed my skin purple and wore a ski mask. Then at least I'll be judged as an individual.