Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rockstar: Supernova

Things are really heating up at the rockstar mansion! After Dilana's booboo with the media hounds, emotions ran high when they got home, culminating in Dilana breaking down & Magni ending up with a "flesh wound" on his head! Drama, drama..ooh, I love it!!!!

Performances this week were based on fans' votes - we got to vote on who should sing what. I think Ryan, Toby & Dilana nailed their performances. Magni was good but could not outshine these three.

Storm was struggling with her song "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence, while Lukas did a very energetic version of Lithium despite his "dislike" of the song. I don't like him though...too arrogant, IMHO. Yes, you can be arrogant during a performance, but if you carry that attitude off stage, you end up p***-ing off many people. I don't see Storm fronting Supernova; she just doesn't fit. I think she will be the next to go.

Darn website...can't seem to vote online!


vanessa said...

we can't vote unless through sms. and it's through the other website which they flash during commercial breaks.
it's annoying, right? haha. yay ryan! poor magni. dilana is not in my good bks right now.

aliendoc said...

Yeah, just found out today that we can only sms our votes in. Bummer.

Pity about Dilana. You have to admit that she IS talented.