Monday, August 21, 2006


My jaw dropped & I could hardly believe what I was reading today in the Straits Times. One of the Singaporeans interviewed about what their hopes & wishes are, & their reaction to PM Lee Hsien Loong's National Day speech was a working mum, Mdm Kimberlie Chong. She is a mother of 4, & director of a business she runs with her husband. I reproduce part of the answer which she gave that had me gasping in disbelief.

Madam Chong was also pleased with the stress placed on schools to teach young Singaporeans to acknowledge their roots.
"Parents these days simply don't have the time to teach their children such subjects as moral values and Singapore's post-independent history."

Is it a wonder that the kids are growing up the way they are? The "Me" mentality, materialism, etc. With parents like Mdm Chong who do not make the time to teach moral values to their kids, I'm not surprised. I had previously blogged on this very issue, & Mdm Chong's statement seems to support what I am seeing in parents & kids today, with child-caring being left predominantly to their domestic helpers.

Being a parent is not to be taken lightly. That's why I feel that the Baby Bonus is not something that is beneficial in the long run in producing a society that we want to be proud of. If one can't make time to raise your kids right, then don't have kids at all. Period.

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