Sunday, May 07, 2006

Politically (in?)correct


Elections are over & the PAP are back in power. I am quite relieved, to be honest. It's hard to support an opposition which doesn't seem quite up to par. The PAP have done a decent job of running the country so far.

Say what you may about the dictatorial methods of the government, & being a nanny state etc. etc. but I believe that the leaders had to do it this way in order to survive & to grow. They had to work with what they had. And now, they have to work with what they have.

Look at how far we've come since our independence over 40 years ago. There is much noise that has been & is being made about giving more freedom to the people, some of this noise coming from abroad, & some from within our shores. But I frankly do not think that the average citizen of this country is ready for this responsibility. I see the country as being a young one, just approaching maturity. The hardware is there but the software has yet to catch up. Many still look to the government to solve their problems. Social & civic skills are often still 3rd world despite our 1st world reputation where business & economy is concerned. We have a fine if you don't flush the toilet, for crying out loud!!!

I think change is needed but at the right pace. And until we see credible opposition candidates, the PAP should remain the incumbent party in government.

That's my two cents anyway. Enough politics for now.

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