Tuesday, May 23, 2006

AI Fever

Tomorrow is the finals of the American Idol competition. I sincerely hope that Taylor Hicks wins. Something about Katherine McPhee annoys me.

Maybe it's the way she tries to oversing a song.
Or the way she likes to bounce around.
Or the lack of something in her eyes which somehow don't possess the soul & passion that Taylor has.

I don't know what it is, but I just don't get her.

I really hope Taylor wins it.


xian said...

hey... juz wanna ask u, where to find e show "One Tree Hill".. cos i search from yahoo! and saw one of ur entry abt tat show.. u buy/rent e show from ?

aliendoc said...

It used to be screened on cable TV (Star world, channel 18). Now I think you could rent it or buy seasons 1 & 2 from a video store. I have weaned myself off of it....too soapy!

*//vanessa//* said...

I WATCH ONE TREE HILL!!! season 4 is in the making now. season 3 is not showing. but the box set dvd is coming out in september. and i think you can buy them online as a set of 1,2,3 yeaps. ONE TREE HILL ROCKS!