Monday, May 15, 2006


Yesterday was Mother's Day.

I realise that I am only less than halfway through this journey through motherhood; and what a journey it has been...

The Beginning - I first fell in love with my child when I found out of his existence. Hard to imagine for some, but there it is, the strong maternal bond that can develop even before the child is born.

Giving Birth - done it both ways: C-section (because of breech presentation) as well as the normal way (if you can call pushing what feels like a watermelon out of one's body normal!). To all you mothers-to-be out there, the epidural is THE WAY TO GO...THANK YOU to whoever discovered/developed/invented the epidural are a godsend!

The Trials & Tribulations - breastfeeding (actually just the initiation of breastfeeding with the accompanying sore nipples, engorgement & anxiety over whether one is producing enough or not :) ), sleepless nights (especially if one does not rely on a maid to bring up one's baby!), childhood fevers which sometimes seem neverending, the toddler tantrums, dealing with the sibling rivalry (still ongoing), worrying about the quality of education they receive...

The Cost - self-explanatory. This brings to mind an exchange between Homer Simpson (speaking in a very fatherly way) & his son Bart:

Homer: "Do you know why your mother & I share the same bed?"

Bart: "Because we're poor?"

Homer: "Yes...and do you know why we're poor?"

Bart: "Why?"

Homer: "Because we have children."

It had my husband & I ROTFL because it is so true!!!

The Rewards - immeasurable.

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