Sunday, May 28, 2006


I am usually pretty oblivious to paranormal occurences. Put me in a supposedly haunted house & chances are I'd probably sleep the night through with no disturbances from the resident ghost/spirit/poltergeist.

However, two days ago, something kinda freaky happened while I was web-surfing. I usually turn on my i-Tunes while I am on the computer. Well, on this instance, I was looking at pictures from the GhostHunters website (I'm a fan of the series) and then on a local paranormal website. These were pictures of "orbs" which are supposedly collections of energy manifested literally as circular objects in photographs. (There is debate on the how these orbs are formed).

Everything was fine until, while viewing pictures taken at various locations in Changi, the volume control on my computer just kept increasing to the max! My fingers were not on the keyboard, & neither were they on the mouse. I tried reducing the volume using the keyboard control but that didn't work. I had to turn off i-Tunes to turn off the music. Thinking it was a technical glitch, I turned on i-Tunes again. 10 minutes later, the same thing happens again. I was still on that same website looking at the pictures.

Now, thoughts of what-ifs start running through my mind & I decided to turn off the computer. When I later checked with hubby if this has ever happened to him before with i-Tunes, he said no. And it hasn't happened again since, although I still occasionally visit that same website.

I'm no techno-geek, & for all I know, it was some weird technical short circuit or whatsit that happened.

But it WAS weird though.


igakunogakusei said...

How interesting!

Maybe next time wait for the volume to increase again, but instead of turning off iTunes, try closing the webpage. ;)

aliendoc said...

Wanted to recreate the experience so that I could try to figure out what was happening...but it did not happen again despite viewing that same website again!