Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I was disappointed to learn that “The Da Vinci Code” movie has been rated NC-16 by the censorship board. Having read the book, I wonder at why the movie has been given this rating. Sexual content? Hardly any. Violence? Perhaps, but not anymore than some of the other movies which have been rated PG before. I suspect that it is to appease some of the groups, which have been protesting its release.

I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee with the actual people who rate these movies & find out what they look for when they rate movies. There seems to be a disparity in how movies are rated. There is a huge gap between the NC-16 movies & the PG movies. For example, “When A Stranger Calls” has been rated PG. Now, I know that there will be kids out there who will be scared out of their wits after watching this movie. There needs to be another rating category in between, say, PG-13 where parental guidance is advised for those under 13, or where kids can only watch the movie with their parent/guardian.

Oh well, looks like our family will wait till we get to New York before watching the DVC movie. Pity...we had been looking forward to booking ourselves some Gold Class tickets & watching it in style.


With the approaching summer also comes the season of blockbuster releases. Some movies I am looking forward to watching are:

X-Men: The Last Stand - I think X-Men is one of the better movie adaptations of comic series, on par with Spiderman 1 & 2, Batman Begins and Superman… Hugh Jackman as Wolverine doesn’t hurt either (*drool*drool*).
Superman Returns – sounds like an intriguing storyline; would like to see how Brandon Routh’s portrayal compares with Christopher Reeve’s.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest – enjoyed Johnny Depp in the first installment. He is usually so angsty, it is nice seeing him in a lighter, comedic role. Am also a fan of Keira Knightly, and I guess Orlando Bloom is OK as eye candy.

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