Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Xanax Moment

I think I need some Xanax.

Why? Well, we’ve just found out that we will be moving to China.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am actually feeling very excited about this new adventure. But I’ve some trepidation about the transition. Been getting tension headaches the last couple of weeks while awaiting final news (which we received this past week) on this.

Things like the kids’ schooling: how they will adapt, whether there will be continuity in what they are studying here & what they will be studying there, the timing of the transfer - should we let them finish off the school year (which ends middle of next year) before moving them over (but then this would involve some logistical acrobatics as A’s new position starts next month) or transfer them in the middle of the school year (i.e. Dec!!!) so that the whole family stays together.

Things like what to do with our home: Sell? Or rent?

Our (very old & large) dog with a few health problems – a heartbreaking decision will have to be made here.

I think I had a mild anxiety attack last night while thinking about all this - slight chest tightness with a sensation that I couldn’t quite inhale completely. It lasted only a few seconds.

A. doesn’t understand why I get all angst-y (that word again!). I guess that’s the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing going on. We women tend to think things through to the bone, gnawing over every small detail ESPECIALLY anything involving our children & their well-being. Guys? They just breeze through, with the attitude that they can conquer any obstacles in their way as long as our immediate needs (Food & Shelter) are taken care of.

Breathe, aliendoc, breathe…


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