Saturday, September 16, 2006

Slow Hand

Eric Clapton

January 2007

Singapore Indoor Stadium


vanessa said...

AH! I want to watch EC in concert! Haha.

aliendoc said...

If we are here, you can tag along...but your mom will have to pay for the tickets!!! Very ex, leh...

spacefan said...

haven't seen ol' slowhand in concert before. maybe we can go together? will bring my mom. :)

btw, had no idea you like the chili peppers. hip and happening eh! ( sadly, i can't understand their music :))

aliendoc said...

My boys want to watch him in action too :)...we will probably go together, unless a possible impending relocation develops....will keep u updated!

My older son got me into the peppers! Catchy music, although the lyrics escape me sometimes! I prefer nickelback :)