Friday, September 08, 2006

aliendoc's top 10 peeves about driving in Singapore

I have been driving for almost 25 years, out of which 18 years were on Singapore roads. I have realised that the only time (OK, almost the only time) I cuss & use four letter words is when I am driving in Singapore. Here goes:

Pedestrians who take there own sweet time crossing the road when there is a long line of cars waiting to pass through at a busy intersection (Think: Junction of Orchard & Paterson Roads just outside Wheelock Place).

Waiting at the red light, then seeing the driver in the vehicle next to you picking his nose/ear, inspecting his finds then flicking it out his window.

Waiting at the red light, then seeing the driver in the vehicle next to you wind down his window & projecting a loogie which misses your car by 3 inches.
(Double EEEWWW!)

Motorcyclists who treat the lane dividers (or any space between two vehicles) as a designated motorbike lane.

Motorcyclists in #7 who travel at a speed of 60 km/h (or less) on the expressway, making it difficult & dangerous for other vehicles to overtake him.

Tailgaters who follow you like their car was magnetized to yours even though you are traveling at the maximum speed allowable.

While waiting at a side road trying to get on to a busy road, you notice cars which don’t indicate that they intend to turn off into the side road, resulting in you missing a precious chance to turn out onto above said busy road.

When you indicate that you are trying to switch lanes, the oncoming car on the lane you are trying to switch to speeds up to block you off instead of slowing down.
(Double !@#%!!)

Taxis which trawl for fares – they either travel at a snail’s pace; or make sudden swerves & stops to catch the passenger.

And aliendoc’s #1 peeve about driving on Singapore roads:

Drivers who allow their babies/toddlers/children to clamber all over the car- in between the front seats, on to the back ledge behind the back seat- or sit on the front passenger’s lap instead of being restrained in a child’s seat or by a seat belt. Don’t they know that their children would make excellent projectiles if they were involved in a collision???

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