Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Smile Singapore?

Good grief.

I saw an ad in today's papers which basically campaigns the virtues of being gracious & being good ambassadors.

Reason? September is a big month as far as international meetings are concerned: the IMF, the World Bank, and a host of other biggie seminar/meetings/forums will be held here.

I find it sad that we have to be reminded to be on our best behaviour.


angry doc said...

Singapore - Will smile for money.

aliendoc said...


Sounds like a good idea for a tee-shirt!

John Riemann Soong said...

We all probably should organise a frown campaign just out of spite.

Besides, the IMF doesn't really warrant smiling at anyway. The very essence of plutocracy.

No doubt there'll be a train of protestors from other nations, so why don't we strike up a chord with them for a change?