Friday, June 30, 2006

Not that Super

Despite the good reviews, I honestly was not terribly impressed by "Superman Returns"; I preferred "X-men : The Last Stand".

First of all, Brendan Routh, despite good looks & buff physique, is not that good of an actor. Very wooden...maybe he was overwhelmed by the shoes he has to fill... The special effects & action sequences were great but it seemed like Bryan Singer was letting all the action do the talking, leaving not much dialogue for the man himself. And the kid who plays Lois's son? No chemistry there either (I especially did not see the mother-child thing happening).

Overall, a bit disappointing. Perhaps part of it was due to the fact that:

a) the audience was full of kids with indulgent parents who do not know how to tell them to shut the h*ll up during the movie so that the paying patrons around them can actually hear & appreciate the conversation between the characters of said movie. It was Corporate Night for a couple of large organisations, & for reasons beyond my comprehension, the cinema operator sold tickets to regular patrons as well for the SAME theater; so probably a lot of people who were there went because it was free & didn't quite appreciate the fact that THERE ARE OTHERS THERE WHO ARE PAYING $9.50 A TICKET TO WATCH THE MOVIE.
Hello??? Gracious society...where are you???

b) the temperature was set at 'Arctic' & I had gone wearing shorts, t-shirt & flip flop Crocs (yeah, so smart, I know) so the latter half of the movie was spent trying to reduce heat loss by diminishing exposed body surface area by huddling one's body into as small a lump as possible - not an easy feat in a movie seat. This probably detracted from the enjoyment of the movie as well. (Note to self: movie attire in future should consist of ski pants & parka in order to avoid frostbite)

Anyhoo, I plan to rent Superman 1 & 2 to "complete the picture", so to speak, as I found myself trying to remember how Superman 2 ended (Superman Returns supposedly continues where that let off). Then maybe I'll watch it again (late night session = no brats) & hopefully, enjoy it more.

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