Friday, September 16, 2005

"Must-see TV"

This series is like quicksand: it sucks you in bit by bit, week by week, till you are stuck and enmeshed in its sometimes complicated plots & flashbacks. My favourite character is Locke - the ex-paraplegic with an astounding knowledge of weapons & the art of survival, who mysteriously regained the function of his legs after the plane crash. I can't get away from watching this!

CSI (the original series)
Somehow, the characters from the original CSI (based out of Vegas) are more appealing with their quirkiness & idiosyncracies, especially Grissom. I must admit that it took me some time to get hooked to the series.

Las Vegas
A light drama, not terribly imaginative with its stories, but its fast pace & unique camera work & editing is addictive. Plus its characters are appealing, with eye candy for the guys as well as the girls (Josh Duhamel - yum).

House MD
The latest medical drama, which I believe has garnered a few Emmy nominations. Appealing to me as a doctor because its main character voices out loud what many doctors keep inside...their true feelings about some of their patients and the practice of medicine today. Hugh Laurie does a great job in the lead; it is hard to believe that he is actually British.

Gilmore Girls
This much ignored series has wonderful dialogue with lively exchanges between Lorelei & Rory Gilmore (mother & daughter). It makes me wish for a similar relationship with my own mother...

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