Friday, September 23, 2005

The Force is With You

Patients, my young Padawan, will prove to be both the reason AND the bane of your existence. They will be the ultimate test of your abilities to resist the Dark side.

You will face the challenge of remaining calm when faced with a storm of demands from multiple patients and their families.

You will face the temptation of profiteering by selling generic drugs at brand name prices.

There will be times when you will feel the urge to succumb to the Darkness called MHCs.

There may even be times when you will feel overwhelmed by Anger & Frustration as you try to deal with these entities called Patients who will test your endurance to the limits with their unending questions about their ailments, and demands for cheap and immediate treatments for their illnesses.

Remember to take a step back, breathe deeply and focus on the reasons why you took the steps towards becoming Medi Masters at the Beginning of your Journey. Find strength from within and from the Force of the Hippocratic Oath and remember the Medi Masters of the past who have had to deal with greater Patient loads than you.

May the Force be with You.

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