Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Doc's Life - Memorable Moments 2

Scenario: Health Screening facility in the heart of the business. Patient A is a SYT (Sweet Young Thing) who is there for a medical check-up - part of her benefits from her company who has signed up for standard package deals for their staff.

As part of the check-up, PAP smears are also included for ladies who need them. I routinely ask them, during history taking, whether they are married or sexually active, before informing them of the neccessity of doing the PAP smear. Ladies who are VI(virgo intacta), I tell them that they don't need to have it done until they start being sexually active.

Me: " I see that you are single; are you sexually active?"

Patient A (bashfully):"No."

Me:" OK, so you don't need to have the PAP smear done today."

Patient A (anxiously): "But isn't it included in the package?"

Me:" Yes, but only married ladies or ladies who are sexually active need this test done. Since you are neither, you are not at risk. Moreover, you are a virgin and doing the test would be extremely uncomfortable or even painful."

Patient A:" But since it's included, I might as well do it."

Me:" You really don't need to, you know." I follow on with a short explanation about the discomfort & possible bleeding that can result from the smear.

Patient A:" Never mind - I want to do it since it is paid for already."

After noting in the case notes that the patient insisted on the test being done despite explanations, I proceed with the procedure at the end of the check-up. Needless to say, it was not a terribly pleasant experience for Patient A...I will leave the nasty details to your imagination...

Sigh...a fine example of the Singaporean trademark of kiasu-ism.


Chen said...

Hahahahha... I really can't help but to laugh when I read this..
this is really a very good example of the kiasu-ism spirit :D

Anonymous said...

in my case,was cheated to do it, didn't know if one is not sexually active, one do not need to do. sad, i lose my virginity due to a doctor.