Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Doc's Life - Memorable Moments 3

Scenario: Health screening facility (same as in MM 2)

This is not quite medical related but it left a mark because it was my closest brush with the showbiz world so far :)

Celebrity 1 - a world renowned movie star from a country in Asia. Very pleasant lady, down-to-earth, with none of the airs one would associate with mega-celebrity-dom. She looked exactly like she does on the big screen. Pity that my fluency in Mandarin is so lacking, and my interaction with her was purely business (i.e. health screening related); it would have been nice to have chatted with her about life as a big-time movie star. But then I am not the sort who would fawn over a star (well, I might make an exception for Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt - hehe). The other staff WERE fawning, and posing for pictures with her etc etc.

Celebrity 2 - not so well renowned the world over; more on the local scene. Rather introverted but pleasant enough, I suppose. Can't blame her for wanting to keep to herself, given some of the crazy fans who can "stalk" their idols. Didn't really know her marital history too well (I am not a huge fan of the local Chinese dramas) so I think she was surprised when I asked her during history taking, what her marital status was. :)

Other "celebrities" I have come across during my time with the corporate practice included MTV VJ's & some local "stars" whom I had to do pre-employment checkups on. Some were more full of themselves than others - I think I probably put them down a peg or two with my ignorance of who they were until after they had left the clinic, my more star-strucked assistants enlightened me on whom they were and what shows they starred in.

I wonder if my reaction would have been the same if someone like Tom Cruise walked through my clinic doors for a consult...

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