Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nationalistic Fervour

I had to smile at this letter to the Straits Times...

Pointless to have new ones every year
IS IT necessary to compose new National Day songs every year?

My sense is that these new compositions seem to be written to promote the artists singing them rather than as a song that Singaporeans can truly connect with.

There is nothing wrong with the two classics, Count On Me Singapore and Stand Up For Singapore, which are inspirational and tug at the heartstrings.

It would be wrong if the organisers' intention is to cater to the young generation because this would suggest that older Singaporeans are left out.

It would be better if the creative sparks organising this year's National Day Parade re-record a fresh, uptempo version of the two classic songs. Then they will be recognisable and easy for all to sing or hum along to.

While change is good, it must be for the better. I hope that next year's organising team will bear this in mind. It is the song and not the singer that matters.

I have always wondered who composed the annual National Day songs, all revolving around the same theme (I'm so proud to be Singaporean; Singapore is such a great place to live in; Singaporeans are wonderful; no where else compares to Singapore get the picture). Most of the songs that have come after the two classics mentioned in the letter have been cheesy at best, with forgettable melodies& lyrics which made me cringe.

If this is not a form of propaganda, then I don't know what is.

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