Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Musical Journey

Koa. Maple. Spruce. Mahogony. Rosewood.

Headstock. Neck. Fretboard. Body.

Frets. Humbuckers. Pick-ups. Tuners.

I am outnumbered, not just by gender but also by interest. Over the last several years, by sheer osmosis, I have learned some basic electric guitar anatomy. An electric guitar, apparently, is a work of art, and not just some pieces of wood put together, with electronics & strings. I have tagged along to guitar stores - Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Tom Lee, City Music, Davis, Matt Umanov, and most recently in Nashville, Artisan. My guys oooh & aaah over the different instruments, occasionally trying them out. Guitarists tend to be passionate about their music, & their instruments; it doesn't matter if you don't buy, the opportunity to teach or learn is enough for most of them.

This recent road trip of ours has revolved around college visits, music & guitars. Heck, even one of the highways we traveled on is nicknamed The Music Highway (I-40 between Nashville & Memphis). We have seen the famous music streets in New Orleans, Memphis & Nashville, and visited the Gibson Guitar factory. & listened to the Blues at BB King's. And the guys have discovered three new boutique brands of guitars - Collings, Santa Cruz & Bourgouois. I suspect my presence in the store was a deterrent against an addition to our already ample family of guitars at home.


imp said...

:) Wait till your boys latch on to custom-shops. You'll have to fight them against getting one!

aliendoc said...


I know...