Friday, July 14, 2006

Singapore Idol...NOT!

Don't get me wrong.

I had hoped with all my heart that we would see come credible talent on SI.

But after the dismal showing on the first show, these hopes have come to nought. These were the top 12 out of the thousands who auditioned??? I shudder to think what the others who didn't make it were like.

Apart from a couple of potentials like Paul & Mathilda, I watched the other performances with a grimace of pain on my face (note: this was an involuntary reaction to the sight & sound; my son bore a similar expression). This was the first time that I was watching the entire top 12 in action.

"Give them a chance, why not?" I thought. I had missed the first 3 episodes cos I was away then. Then I saw the wildcard show - grimace of pain there too.

Then I thought: "Maybe the top 12 will be better."

High hopes.

I really don't know how the judges can bear it; at least Ken Lim has some substance in his comments. As for Ja...err...most of the time I wonder what the heck is she trying to say...

I am all for supporting local talent...if you can find it.

I think I will watch Rockstar: Supernova instead.

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