Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ladies Night Out

Actually, it was more like a "Ladies Weekend Away".

I just returned from a long weekend in Hong Kong with two of my oldest & best friends - no kids, no husbands, no stress!

The relationship between girlfriends is a unique & special one. When we are together we can talk about things we would never discuss with our husbands/children/parents. There is a comfort about being with someone whom you have grown up with, through the angst of adolescence, through the teenage crushes, through shared experiences of school/university/relationships.

So this time away was a much appreciated one by all three of us. Not just the shopping or the eating, but more so, the company one was with.

Sidenote: Singapore needs to take notes from Hong Kong as far as customer service is concerned. HK has come a long way from as recent as 5 years ago. The sales persons at the retail stores are incredibly helpful. Even if you walk out without buying anything, they say a cheerful "Have a nice day" as you exit.
Oh, and one more thing: for the best "dou hua" (bean curd dessert) in the world, go to Sweet won't regret it. I am still thinking about the tub of dou hua we ordered....yum...


pretzel said...

Absolutely Agree wif u on the Girlfrens and the Girls Talk part. :)

DouHua tow huey)... thot we have our famous version in S'pore: the famous Rochor Road stall?

aliendoc said...

The Sweet Dynasty one beats our Rochor Road one hands down!