Thursday, March 09, 2006

Young At Heart

I turn 42 in a few weeks. I certainly don’t feel 42 in my head, although my body & its various parts beg to differ & remind me of that fact constantly. And I sometimes need my sons to help me read the date on my watch :).

I can still appreciate contemporary music & don’t limit my selection of listening pleasure to songs from the 70’s & 80’s. Matter of fact, the radio stations that are “memorized” in my car’s stereo system play contemporary & rock music. Michael Buble, Linkin Park, Green Day, Maroon 5, James Blunt, count among some of my favourite musicians to listen (& even sing along!) to. Admittedly, I don’t do research into these artistes bio-data & memorise their dates of birth, favourite food, names of pets etc. like I used to do as a teenybopper screaming over Donny Osmond’s purple socks.

I occasional drool over hunks like Brad Pitt, & enjoy looking at nicely toned 6-packs (& hubby is OK with it. Really.)

I can still empathize with my teenage & pre-teen sons, nephews & niece. I know all the angst (ha! One of my favorite words!) that they feel during this hormone-filled phase of their lives.

Just the other day, my husband commented amusedly, “You’re still such a kid!” when I almost jumped up & down with excitement upon seeing a documentary on ‘How Star Trek Has Affected Technology ‘ on the Discovery Channel. During one of hubby’s usual channel surfing sessions, I had caught a glimpse of William Shatner narrating while clips from the various series of Star Trek played. I forced him to stay on that channel while I watched the two back-to-back episodes that night. I am a closet Trekkie (actually just ST:TNG or Star Trek: The Next Generation for the uninitiated; & to a lesser degree, ST Voyager); in fact, only my immediate family (i.e. hubby & sons) knows that I have watched every single episode of ST:TNG thanks to syndication in the US ☺, have actually attended two Star Trek conventions while living in the US (and no, I did not dress up as a Klingon nor a Ferringhi☺) & went to the Star Trek exhibition in Suntec City when it came to Singapore a few years ago.

Yeah, I still feel like a kid sometimes. I am not going to conform to society’s perception of what a woman approaching middle age is supposed to look like or be like. My motto in life now is "Live & Let Live". That’s the great thing that comes with maturity, life experiences & growing older – self-confidence and a greater appreciation for life.

Oh, and one more thing…I don’t need reading glasses yet. Really.


IML said...

How old you are pretty much depends on how old you feel. As long as we are comfortable and look presentable in our dressing, who say there is a dress code for the 40s??? Most Women today look their best in their 40s I believe. They are more comfortable with themselves with many having achieved financial security and most of all a family. I too will be 42 soon. I am at lost sometimes as to how we 40s should be seen or heard. Happy birthday!!!!

aliendoc said...