Friday, March 17, 2006

The Person

In the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy, Dr Christina Yang reveals to Dr Meredith Grey that the clinic she has gone to to "take care" of her unplanned pregnancy needed an emergency contact in case of unforeseen circumstances. And Christina has appointed Meredith as "The Person".


Meredith puts her arm around Christina's shoulders & leans her head against her in a show of support of what she is about to go through.

Christina (in her usual acrid tones): "You do know that this constitutes a hug?"

Meredith:" That's OK...I'm your Person."

This poignant & wonderfully written scene, which was brilliantly acted out by the two actress (Sandra Oh & Ellen Pompeo respectively)showed the friendship, trust & loyalty between the two friends.

I am lucky that I have a Person in my life. Someone who may not neccessarily be from within your family, or even your spouse, but whose relationship with you is such that he/she accepts, respects & supports you & your decisions at face value, no questions asked.

I hope everyone has their own Person too.

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