Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blown Away


What a concert it was last night. Mr A-Z (Jason Mraz), performing with percussion & vocal support from Toca Rivera gave a mesmerizing performance showcasing his vocal & guitar-playing talents.

I was amazed by the versatility of sounds & melodies displayed by a simple acoustic guitar with the accompanying percussion instruments (a small standing cymbal and a drum - not sure of the exact type, but it had a very Caribbean sound!). Even my boys, who are usually fans of heavy metal music a la AC/DC/Deep Purple/GunsNRoses, were suitably impressed (& hopefully inspired to add Mom's type of music to their repertoire of songs!)

I was blown away by how effortless he made it seem, with his improvisations, and his vocal acrobatics. The casual bantering with the audience was the icing on the cake.

This is what I call Talent.

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