Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Whole Lot of Diggin' Goin' On

Since coming back to Singapore for the summer holiday (& to get away from the Olympics), I've noticed a lot of digging happening along many streets. It seems as if every road I happen to drive on has barriers, lanes blocked off, lines being laid, pipes being buried etc. Many familiar buildings are gone, to be replaced by construction sites hidden behind wooden barricades advertising "New Developments!"

Cranes (the mechanical kind) are fast becoming the National Bird of Singapore, as they inundate the landscape.

I've also noticed an increased number of foreign workers, not just the manual labourers, but also in the service industry. Not that this is bad, but honestly, it's often quite hard to understand what they are saying especially if they are speaking "English" (quotation marks deliberate).

Hmm, there may be a market for English language schools here in the near future, catering to teaching Proper Spoken English (which would also be useful for many Singaporeans :)).

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