Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waxy Buildup

This article I read today (click the title of this entry to link to it) brought back not so pleasant memories of one of the less desirable tasks I had while working in the polyclinic/GP clinic/even A & E...that of having to remove impacted ear wax. Ugh.

Some people just have this tendency to produce lots of ear wax which eventually just clog up the whole ear canal & create discomfort, itching, & hear loss. Sometimes giving them olive oil or Waxsol helps to soften & dislodge it, but occasionally (too often for comfort - mine, that is) even that doesn't help & they would subsequently come to see me to get it syringed out. Yuck.

I tell you, the sight of pieces of ear wax floating in the waste water that gets flushed out ain't pleasant at all. And I swear to God, some of those pieces are as large as one of my distal phalanges! Eew.

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