Friday, August 01, 2008


OK, I plead guilty. I've just been plain lazy.

After a rather eventful, busy & tiring month June/July, I have just wanted to chill & do NOTHING in Singapore. What with

1) Pre-packing for our move;
2) an almost 3 week vacation in the US during which we walked what seemed like hundreds of miles doing college visits;
3) returning to Beijing & moving house;
4) unpacking & sorting through our stuff at the new house;
I guess my lethargy is understandable. And the humidity & heat (both in Beijing & here in Singapore) don't help either.

Many are surprised that we are here in Singapore away from all the Olympic excitement in Beijing. But it really has been rather inconvenient for Beijing residents. Especially if you don't live in an area that is easily accessible via public transport. And despite all the measures, it looks like air pollution remains a problem - too little, too late some say.

So here we are, catching up with family & friends (& food!), enjoying movies (in theatres, not on pirated DVDs!), enjoying unfettered Internet access, & being just plain lazy.


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