Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ironically Jinxed

Well, I've done it this time.

No sooner did I write an entry about getting injured than I sustain an injury that requires surgical intervention. What I initially thought was a bad sprain has turned out to be a torn ligament requiring repair to prevent instability & arthritis in future.

And it was one of those freak accidents that happened as a result of sheer bad luck & poor timing; in this case, it involved a wheelbarrow, a spooked horse, & a tangled rein. AND the great irony was that this injury was not due to my lack of riding skills; as a matter of fact, I was actually feeling more confident & balanced than ever before. Then this had to happen.

So, I am being medevac'ed by International SOS to a surgeon sometime this week to get this done.

This really sucks big time. I am majorly bummed out.



Anonymous said...

oh dear... hope u recover in time for your planned trip back to SG.
Evacuated to HKG or back to SG?


aliendoc said...

SG. In pain now, post-op :(