Thursday, August 02, 2007


I've been trying to fulfil my CME requirements since I left Singapore just over 6 months ago. I am still short about 12 points which I need to earn by Dec 31, 2007.

Originally, CME requirements for overseas doctors were prorated according to how much time you actually spent in Singapore, with a one-time waiver if you were away for the entire 2-year period. Then just after I leave, the policy changes & now I have the same requirement as any other doctor practising in Singapore. Darn.

I don't have anything against CMEs in general. I used to attend CMEs quite religiously (especially those held in nice hotels & restaurants - heh heh - though I understand there are some restrictions now on such sponsored events).

But try finding a CME lecture/conference/seminar in English to attend in China. You see what I mean?

I've been doing the distance learning programs from SMA as well as Medscape. But then there is a cap on how many points one can earn within each category. Not to mention that some of the SMA stuff is just plain boring (i.e. ECG interpretations - ugh).

So now I need to go back to Singapore to attend something that has mucho points at one go so that I can renew my license in Jan 08. Fortunately I have some expat benefits which will pay for a return air ticket to do so, so it looks like its "Singapore here I come again!" in September.


nofearSingapore said...

I am lucky cos Gleneagles Hospital has CME program every Wed so it is literally just a matter of signing in, going to the lecture hall to ( listen or sleep) and most of us have enough points.
My subspecially society also organise enough events for the "core" events.
I think I have enough points for even next year!
Good luck and enjoy your "enforced" return in Sept.


aliendoc said...

Lucky you!
Oh well, I guess this is a blessing in disguise as, this way, I get to earn my points, visit with family & attend a classmate's wedding all at one go!