Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So many buildings have disappeared, new roads have appeared, the old have gone.

I went to Marina South for a seafood dinner last night & almost got lost because the whole layout of this reclaimed piece of land has been transformed. Lots of wooden walls, construction equipment, cranes can be seen on the future IR site; roads previously there are there no longer, replaced by new roads with unfamiliar names like Marina Lane & Central Blvd; buildings previously housing restaurants along the "food strip" are now vacant (except for the seafood restaurant - please don't take that away! Best Black Pepper Crab in Singapore, IMHO), even the football field that used to be crowded with people playing soccer or flying kites has been partitioned off. Lord knows what is going to be built here.

We've been gone a mere 6 months & so many changes have already taken place. Part of me feels like the home as I knew it is slowly fading away.

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igakunogakusei said...

Ditto your sentiments. I've been in the UK since 2001 and time spent back in Singapore has been getting decreasingly less, partly due to the lack of summer vacations after starting clinical years and PhD. Singapore now feels more like a holiday destination and a fond past, rather than home, not least because things look very different from what I remember. Change is inevitable and I think it will be like heading for foreign shores when I head back for at least a good six years in 2010!