Friday, July 20, 2007

Bak Chor Mee!

Happiness is finally eating, IMHO, the no. 1 authentic Teochew Bak Chor Mee* in Singapore!

I am talking about the famous Hill Street Tai Wah Minced Meat Noodles previously located in Marina Square food court before the massive renovation. I think the last time I had it was at least 5 years ago (!!!). There were always horrendously long queues at the stall during the peak lunch or dinner hours.

It is hard to beat that unique combo of al dente "mee kia"* (I am a mee kia person, as opposed to many others who prefer "mee pok"*) with the slightly tangy taste of the sauce which is a combination of black vinegar, chilli paste & lard-flavored oil, mixed with minced pork, pork liver cooked just right, chinese mushroom & topped with dried fish (no clue what kind of fish they use).

I knew the stall had relocated to Crawford Lane some years ago. I watched it featured on Makan Places: Lost & Found (probably the only local production I actually enjoyed watching!) but only today, my last day of our vacation in Singapore, did I venture out to explore that part of Singapore which I hardly ever go to. I discovered that it's not that hard to find after all, located near the Immigration building at Lavendar MRT station.

So, dragging along my mom, & my two boys (who, surprisingly, like minced meat noodles), tempting them with exaltations of how delicious these noodles are, we managed to find the place after walking around a bit, & finally locating block 466!

Yippee!!! Now I can leave for Beijing satisfied....

*Minced meat noodles
mee kia = local version of linguine
mee pok = local version of fetuccini (sort of)

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