Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Back & Blocked Again

We are "home" again. As we descended through a gray haze of smog into Beijing International Airport, I thought, "Well, no more clear skies for a while now." At least I didn't detect any smell of fumes like the very first time we landed.

I'm being blocked again from viewing blogs again so have to use the roundabout way - GRRRR!

Have finally downloaded pictures of our break in paradise (Phuket) & Singapore...

For some reason, I love sunsets. They give me a sense of peace & romance somehow.

This is a picture of Kata Beach taken at sunset. I like that bird flying over the beach. I didn't even realize it was there till I looked at the picture later. The waves don't look as violent as they really were (refer to next picture).

This was taken at high tide & yes, the waves were really that choppy. The red flag was up everyday we were there. Someone drowned the week after we were there off Patong Beach. Some people just ignore the warnings.
I tried to imagine how it was the day the tsunami happened. Scary.

This baby elephant was a special guest at the hotel for a romantic sunset wedding on one of the days we were there (I guess I am not the only one who like sunsets!).

I also took sunset pictures in Singapore...

...this is from the 62nd floor of the Swissotel Stamford....awesome view.
Another picture from the 62nd floor...not sunset this time! This is towards the Marina Bay area. The Singapore ferris wheel doesn't look like much from this angle, but from ground level, it looked pretty impressive.

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