Friday, May 04, 2007

IN SYNC ( and I don't mean the boy band)

The synchrony between man & see it in dressage or show jumping, or even just from watching the cowboy riding through the plains. I want that. I have only experienced that a handful of times when I have ridden in my life. My lifelong dream of riding like the wind – that is something I am working on now.

The feeling of exhilaration and utter joy, resonating into the very core of your being, like the perfect harmony of two notes – that is what I am searching for. When you GET the rhythm, & you feel the balance, the horse beneath you moving in that three-beat canter, suddenly,
you just know it is right, you just know. This is how it’s supposed to be- the wind rushing through its mane, the wind rushing through your hair. You are one with nature, you are on top of the world! What a rush of pure unadulterated happiness!

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