Thursday, May 10, 2007

Impressions from China - Pung!

I have recently discovered the pleasure of mahjong! Not that I have never known of its existence before, since there are quite a few avid mahjong players in my extended family. But I had never quite appreciated the game before, probably because I could never understand the rather complex scoring system & different "patterns" by which one can win. And seeing the speed & skill with which my relatives played can be rather intimidating.

But last week, I joined a group of ladies in the neighborhood, from different corners of the world (USA, Scotland, Mexico, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Singapore), in learning how to play using simplified rules & step by step instructions with a chart on how to score the winning tiles - no money involved, just fun & good company. And I was hooked. The 3 hours passed by in a flash, and left me wanting to play more!



pretzel said...

Welcome to the Club! :))
It's really Addictive and can be a fun way to spend time with the other 3 frens playing mahjong, +tea, and +gossips. :)

... but it'll be quite anti-social, if there're >4 pple in the gathering...

aliendoc said...

I guess we could rotate the groupings each time we play. There were 9 people the last session! But we all had fun anyway.