Friday, May 18, 2007

Doctors Gone Bad


This is what happens when Greed takes over.

I am sure there are greedy people in all industries. And doctors are human after all. But it seems more despicable when it happens in the medical field because this is people's lives & well-being we are talking about. Of course, there is money too, which is probably what concerns the insurance folks more.

Which is why I am wary of MHC's.
Which is why I do not jump up & down with glee when the STB promotes SingaporeMedicine.
Which is why I would rather stay away from doing aesthetic procedures.

There are just too many gray areas. If one is not careful, one may wander into the Dark Side.


nofearSingapore said...

Hi aliendoc:
Yes such things happen all over the world.
Even docs in Sg are no angels.
Unfortunately medicine has become just like any business and the govt is leaving the market to sort out and weed out black sheep.
Unfotunately, the blackest sheep are sometimes the ones making the most money by creating demand from clever marketing!
By the way, I was in Beijing for a conference last weekend and am very impressed with Beijing's progress. Of course being there as a tourist does not give me the right to get the proper perspective unlike people like yourself who actually live there for prolonged periods.


aliendoc said...

Yea, Beijing looks good mostly (I think) because of next year's Olympics. After all, " face" is very important to the Chinese. They still need to work on the finer details like quality of construction. And they still haven't got it right as far as processes & procedures are concerned. By this I mean, they won't pass ISO certification if judged as a whole!

Jessica said...

Hi, I'm writing a piece on blogger doctors and came across your website. I was hoping to interview you. Could you please email me at with a contact number I can reach you at? Thanks!

aliendoc said...

hi Jessica- I appreciate your interest, but I'd really rather remain anonymous...thanks anyway!