Monday, April 16, 2007

Impressions from China - Springtime

It is SO pleasant to see color after the grayness of the winter months here. With the warming temperatures, Mother Nature has awakened the buds & shoots, & we have started to see the beginnings of life.

Shoots of life

It started with the tiny shoots of leaves struggling to appear on the tree branches. Then the yellow buds of forsythia soon blossomed into a full blown riotous display of yellow, followed by the whites & pinks of the magnolia & peach blossoms. Now I am seeing the red sub-species of the peach blossoms flowering almost overnight after a week of temperatures above 15oC.


It’s amazing how the presence of color brings cheer & makes us feel better. I guess there may be something to be said about color therapy after all.


Pink Peach Blossoms

Red Peach Blossoms

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