Monday, November 20, 2006

busy, busy, busy

please excuse my absence. it's been a busy week, including a rockappella concert, and a short trip up to kl to attend a wedding of the son of an old friend of my mom's. talk about lifestyles of the rich & famous...this wedding was the wedding of the year in malaysia (imho). even the agung (king of malaysia, for the uninformed) attended. blessing ceremony by the lakeside; goody bags with amazing pressies for all the guests; carnival-like entertainment with magician, jugglers, pretty girls with pythons draped around their necks & parrot/parakeet on their fingers; hired band from singapore; beautifully made videos of the couple's love story (this beats, hands down, the usual slideshows played to cheesy romantic love songs that one sees at the "normal" wedding dinners) including the proposal video involving a mini had to see it to believe it.

of course, no trip to kl is complete without the ritual rounds of yummy hawker food (wantan mee, char kuay teow, mee yoke, chee cheong fun, hokkien mee all cooked in ways unique to kl)...i think my arteries are semi clogged from all the cholesterol i ingested over 3 days!!!

now that i am back, it's back to the overwhelming task of preparing for the move. add to the list of things to do(refer previous entry):
  1. choose furniture for housing (not easily done with pictures sent via email)
  2. get influenza shots for family (hep a & typhoid already done; don't think we are at risk for jap encephalitis nor rabies so will pass on that for now...will have to warn kids to stay away from stray animals & rabid looking humans!)
  3. get vital medical checkups done before leaving (ladies above 40, don't forget your annual mammograms!)
  4. sell furniture that we are not bringing with us (almost done - surprisingly, lots of takers for 2nd hand stuff)
  5. finish christmas shopping
add to this the 2 final locum sessions that i had earlier committed too, & you have one pretty busy lady. i didn't want to call the hiring doctor to say that i can't do the sessions, knowing that it's the school hols now & locums are in demand (especially lady ones)...ah well....i'll survive.

note: no caps in this entry - quite liberating. maybe i should try no punctuations one day, but then it would probably be too hard to read. :)

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