Thursday, November 30, 2006


Been getting really strange dreams this past week or so, possibly due to my subconscious mind reacting to the stress of the impending move.

Last week, I dreamt that my sister was married to Hugh Jackman! Not withstanding the fact that Hugh "Hottie" Jackman is already married, I really really really REALLY cannot imagine my sister falling for him. I do admit that in my dream, I was a trifle jealous (married woman that I am, I confess to a little crush on this hunk of a dude). The fact that I watched "Happy Feet" (in which HJ did the voice of Memphis, & was the first time I had heard him singing - lovely voice - wish I could have caught him on Broadway doing "The Boy From Oz"...but now I digress) last week probably contributed to the generation of this dream.

Then last night, I dreamt that I (Mary Jane Parker) went on some kind of weird vacation with Peter Parker (aka you-know-who) at this dumpy little motel located in what felt like a really bad part of LA. Every corner we went, there were these Hispanic gangs eyeing us, looking like they were about to attack us any minute....and dear old Peter refused to use his Spidey powers to intimidate these people!!! And I was quite upset by that. Bizarre. I think I have Spiderman on my mind after watching the latest trailer for Spiderman 3, which looks to be superb.

Maybe I am subconsciously calling for help from my superhero idols - Wolvie & Spidey - to help me pack & move house!!! Especially since my husband will be away for 2 weeks preceding the pack out, on a business trip & only arriving back here THE DAY BEFORE THE MOVERS COME!!!

Maybe tonight I'll dream of the whole X-Men team...

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