Monday, January 16, 2006

So romantic, can die

Call me crazy, but I sat through a second viewing of "Pride & Prejudice" today, and liked it even better the second time around. Matthew Macfadyen as the dashing Mr Darcy certainly grows on you, as I had said before. There's just something about the Mr-Darcy-striding-through-the misty-meadow-towards-Elizabeth-Bennet scene that stirs my innards. *YUM*

After the last couple of weeks, I needed a "feel good" movie, and nothing lifts the spirits up like a good old historical romance with a happy ending.

Footnote: They showed the "Coming Soon" trailer of "Casanova" starring Heath Ledger & Sienna Miller- hmm...looks like my cup of tea :).


IML said...

So good to hear that you have recovered and back to your old self. Call me old fashion but Meg ryan & Tom hank's "You've got mails" never fails to lift me up.

pretzel said...

Of all her books, i like EMMA best. :)

You may wanna catch "Geisha". It's a nice movie... 2.5hrs :)
... at least my frens who have read the book agree that the movie follows quite closely to the book...

... but i still can't appreciate the Japanese culture (except the cuisine and sake) :P

aliendoc said...

it's my life story: "Sleepless In Seattle" did it for me! It's in my top ten list of favourite romantic movies.

pretzel: I think Pride & Prejudice holds a special place in my heart for me because of the wonderful memories of Engligh Lit lessons we had in school. P & P was one of the books we had to study. Yeah, Geisha looks good too, in an artsy movie kind of way. Haven't read the book yet. Maybe I'll try doing it the other way around this time: watch the movie first then read the book.