Wednesday, January 18, 2006

S, M, L, XL


I hate clothes shopping in the local stores. Talk about a blow to one's self-image. Most of the clothes seem to be made for stick-thin models. Looking for new clothes for Chinese New Year here is an annual nightmare. The "Women's Plus" sections have clothes seemingly designed for the fashion impaired. The "Normal" sections have clothes which would probably fit just one limb on my body.

Not that I am morbidly obese - I shop in the "Regular" sized departments in the US. I guess being born with a genetic disposition to being "big-boned" in Asia is a real detriment as far as trendy clothes are concerned.

Oh well, come summer, Woodbury Commons, here I come!!!


IML said...

You should try clothing with discreet numbering 8 10 12 14....
I feel much comfortable with numbers.

aliendoc said...

Letters, numbers... same story unfortunately :(