Friday, October 07, 2005


Yeehah! Just booked excellent seats to this award-winning Broadway musical that will be performed here. During our many visits to the Big Apple, hubby & I would often say "Hmm, maybe we should catch 'Rent' this time." but we never did. With 2 kids in tow, and given the exorbitant cost of Broadway tickets so that we had to think of the most "cost-effective" way of the whole family enjoying the theatre experience, we always ended up watching more age appropriate performances like "Grease" or "Stomp" (which are both excellent performances as well, by the way). And when we do try to get tickets, it's perpetually fully booked.

But now it's coming to our neck of the woods, & I HAVE TICKETS {jumping for joy!}!!!

One other great thing about this performance is that it is supposed to be direct from New York (although it is also featuring an Asian actress/singer) so I don't have to struggle with understanding Australian accents - historically, "Broadway" plays which come here seem to be mainly produced and performed by Australian casts (nothing against Australia - beautiful country, warm & hospitable people; just darned difficult to understand their speech:)).


Chris- said...

I think RENT is comming out to theaters this December or so

Chris- said...

Enjoy the show :)

aliendoc said...

Thanks! I'm sure I will.

Anonymous said...

hi i couldn't resist but drop you a line here because your journal is filled with such beautiful memories and insightful thoughts. =)