Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Music & Magic

I brought my younger son, an aspiring percussionist in his school band, to watch & listen to the Cincinatti Pops Orchestra at the Esplanade Concert Hall, in the hope that seeing them perform will inspire him to greater heights with his music. I did not expect to be moved myself, but indeed, moved I was by the magic of movie music brought to life by an amazing orchestra.

The resounding percussion introduction of the theme from "Lawrence of Arabia" actually gave me goosebumps, while the theme from Star Trek: The Next Generation stirred up memories of this TV series - I think I watched every single episode of this sci-fi saga (sigh...I miss Capt Jean-Luc Picard & his crew...).

The versatility of this talented group of performers showed in their interpretation of music from Broadway (Cats, West Side Story), to Disney (Mary Poppins, Beauty & the Beast, the Mickey Mouse Club, to name a few) to epic movies (Star Wars, Harry Potter, 2010: Space Odyssey, Jaws, E.T., Lord of the Rings etc). Their encore finale of a Benny Goodman tune from the Big Band era almost had me Lindy-hopping in the aisles!

What a night it was.

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