Wednesday, June 15, 2005


MJ was found "not guilty". I admit I am relieved that he is not going to jail. Have never been a huge fan of his but couldn't help but get caught up in the media frenzy over this child molestation thing.

Poor guy has psych problems. I don't think he molested the kids, but definitely exhibited inappropriate behaviour. I remember the interview he did with 60 minutes or 20/20 or some other primetime news/talk show in the US after the first allegation back in the 90's. I remember his responses to the inteviewer's question (was it Ed Bradley???) on whether he thought it was OK for an adult man to share the same bed with a young child. He had been adamant that it was an innocent act...something special....nothing dirty about it. I remember thinking -"he has problems"...

I hope he gets psychological or psychiatric help to work through is Peter Pan issues & self image problems.

And I hope that the parents of so called victims come to their senses...

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