Wednesday, May 04, 2005


We made an offer on a condo a couple of days ago. I must admit that I felt rather apprehensive just before doing so, although it makes more financial sense rather than pouring money into a rental.

I guess part of the apprehension is due to the fact that this means a commitment to staying in one place in the long run....for someone who has been literally on the move for the last 13 years, this is a big change of mindset.

I have often pondered over the concept of home and what it means to different folks. For me, I guess the most important aspect would be where my family is (spouse & kids) - in that sense, "Home Is Where The Heart Is" is very true. And yet, having lived halfway across the world, I know that in my heart of hearts, although home may have been Jacksonville, FL or Schwenksville, PA for a transitory period, ultimately, Singapore is where I feel most comfortable in.

This doesn't detract from my ambition to see the world and experience as many cultures & countries as possible; all it means that when I reach a stage where I am unable to be as mobile as I'd like to be, I would be quite happy to see the end of my days in the country where I spent my formative years.

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