Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I must admit that the thought of not working is bothering me somewhat. Don't get me wrong - I am looking forward to the extra leisure time that I will have to pursue interests which have been put off for so long. But I think Society (here, anyway) has ingrained the value of being a "contributing member" by being in the work force, that I have absorbed some of it through osmosis.

I am going to remind myself that becoming a SAHM again will mean that I can be more involved in my children's lives again; in this sense, contribute to their development so that THEY in turn will become well-rounded individuals who will contribute to society.

I am going to remind myself of the yearning that I've had to exercise some of the creativity that I believe is hidden within me, and take up a course in Painting or Creative Writing or something similar which would hopefully start some of the creative juices going.

I am going to remind myself that this will give me more time to exercise and lose some of that mid-life bulge.

And finally, I am going to remind myself that it is OK to think of Me, once in a while.

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